Look! Hear! Toyah Willcox & Duran Duran


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These grabs are from the Pebble Mill regional youth entertainment programme, ‘Look! Hear!’.  The programme was presented by Toyah Willcox, and regularly hosted performances by well known bands, like Duran, Duran.

Thanks to Ian Collins for making them available.

The following comments were posted on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Stuart Gandy: ‘Yes I certainly remember working on this show with Duran Duran in it. It was I suppose unusual for a regional opt out programme to have such a big production as this. Each show would have 3 bands on at least and they always as far as I can remember played live, unlike TOTP where they usually didn’t. One of the first programmes I worked on in 1980 when I joined as a TA in opps, this was exciting stuff to get to see all these bands live.’

David Ackrill: ‘Don’t remember the actual show, but would have watched Toyah and Duran Duran on Look! Hear! if Mum and Dad had let me (until I left home and got married and no time to myself at the time). Strange to think a queen of punk would end up doing voice overs for the children’s program called Brum !’