‘The Newcomers’ – photo from Dave Kirkwood













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‘The Newcomers’ is a Cast & Crew publicity shot for a soap called ‘The Newcomers’, which was shot at Gosta Green in the mid 60’s. It was a very happy production telling the story of London families relocated to a ‘Town in East Anglia’. The show gave a first break to Wendy Richard, who went on to ‘Are You Being Served’, ‘East Enders’ etc.  It was directors included Ronald Wilson, Eric Hills and Paddy Russell, produced by Bill Sellars, script by Barry Letts, Kenneth Hill and Patrick Scanlan, and the story was by John Cresswell. The series also starred George Woodbridge, Megs Jenkins, Alan Browning, Naomi Chance, and Robert Brown.

Apart from the people, note the archaic lighting equipment c/f today!


Pebble Mill, Eastenders Special – Claire Hobbs

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The photo is from a Special, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘Eastenders’.  I think it went out in 1995 and was a Pebble Mill Special (they dropped the ‘at One’ bit when they moved it to midday!  That year we also did Specials with David Attenborough, to celebrate his 60th and his latest ‘Life’ series ‘Living Planet’, and with Vera Lynn for the 60th anniversary of WWII.  All produced by Helena Taylor and AP’d by me.

The photo features Pebble Millers (left to right) me, Anya Francis, Melissa Feather (behind Ethel), Nick Harris, Helena Taylor and also Julia Smith the creator of the show (behind Alan Titchmarsh’s left shoulder).

We also got the casts of Corrie, Home & Away and Neighbours to record tributes to them too!

Claire Hobbs

Drama director John Greening, added the following Eastenders cast information:

‘Having directed over 150 eps of the show I think you’ll find thats the legendary June Brown (Dot)behind Titchy…I think the woman on the far right near Bill Treacher is actress Louise Jameson who played Rosa Di Marco.Also there are Lucy Speed, Wendy Richard, Anna Wing, Gretchen Franklin and Tommy Eytle.’ I’m working on the others!