Joan Walsh


Pebble Mill canteen, photo by Philip Morgan, no reproduction without permission












Joan Walsh, who worked in the BBC canteen in Birmingham from 1952, sadly died last week (Oct 2017), aged 93. Louise Willcox has pieced together some of information about Joan’s career, with the help of former colleagues.

Joan worked at Carpenter Road, before Pebble Mill opened in 1971, rising through the ranks to become the second in command of the canteen. Eileen Bywater was brought in as Canteen Manager and she and Joan looked after the Pebble Mill canteen office. Jenny Brewer says that she was incredibly capable, delightfully calm and a joy to deal with.

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The following comment were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Judy Markall: ‘Lovely lady. Her birthday was 28th May. I have many fond memories from when she was friends with my mom and then myself.’

Anne Smith: ‘Lovely lady, have lots of good memories of working with Joan and Eileen.’

Tracy Crump: ‘Sad, worked under Eileen and knew Joan.’



Prince Charles’ visit to Pebble Mill

Prince Charles visited Pebble Mill at some point in the mid 1980s.  Here are a couple of memories from staff who remember the visit.

Tracy Crump, ‘I remember Charles coming. I worked in the kitchens. Eileen Bywater was my boss.  I remember having to make chilled watercress soup.’

Marie Phillips, ‘I remember Prince Charles coming to Pebble Mill. Staff were gathered in the Foyer and a voice piped up – “Did yer use yer soap Sir?” A startled Prince said “Er, yes I did”. “Oh good, cos I’ve got it” replied Joycie Kite, who many will remember as a real character among Pebble Mill’s own Band of Cleaners before Contractors came in.’