Battle of Waterloo – Toby Horwood

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Copyright resides with the original holder no reproduction without permission












Here’s a shot of Keith Schofield (Operating the camera) and myself on the Live Drama ‘Battle of Waterloo’.

The soldier on the floor is Warren Clarke. I worked with Keith on quite a few period dramas and learnt a lot from him. I’m pushing an Elemac dolly with an Egripment arm on it for the boffins amongst you. The Camera is an Ikegami HL 79D. The ear defenders were necessary because black powder charges were fired off from muskets during the course of the play. We had a very complex series of moves to execute and a vast number of shot cards. For the camera crew it was a fantastic challenge. We had rehearsed for at least a couple of days prior to going live.


(The Battle of Waterloo was a live drama, written by Keith Dewhurst and produced by Robin Midgley, in 1983)

Superstars – photos James French

Photos by James French, no reproduction without permission.

The photos were taken during a recording of Superstars in Nottingham in 1983. This was a London production, but used Pebble Mill scanners, if the recording was in the Midlands and a PM truck was available – in this case CM1.

Crew 3 was on CM1 at the time. The cameras are Philips LDK 5s with Schneider lenses.

The pics show:

Dave Ballantyne sitting on the Elemac dolly with, I think, George Stevenson tracking him.
Dave again, sitting on a Vinten Kestrel crane (though you can’t see it)
Dave again, Bob Meikle and Eric Wise relaxing at lunchtime
James French, standing on the platform of the Moonshot hoist, shown in the last pic.

Crew 3’s Supervisor was Keith Salmon but he was on leave, so Dave B was acting.

Thanks to James French for sharing the photos.

Superstars; Dave Bob & Eric 2