Safira and Nicky Katrack

Here’s a link to two Asian Programme Unit documentaries from Waseem Mahmood about a model and a ballerina, Safira and Nicky Katrak:

The following was added to the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Jayne Savage: ‘The wonderful Elisabeth Seabourne was responsible for ‘finding’ and researching Nicky’

Elisabeth Seaborne

Elisabeth Seaborne, who worked in the Newsroom and in the Asian Unit, sadly died in January 2018.

Below are memories from those who worked with Elisabeth:

Diane Kemp: ‘I remember her from my days at Midlands Today. I always thought she was probably better read and more clued up than many of us (well certainly me). I also remember her telling me about working for Philip Donellan and Charles Parker. A direct link to two phenomenal documentary makers.
I’m sorry to hear she’s passed away.’

Carol Wilson: ‘When I knew her she was the camera diary supremo at Midlands Today. She seemed to know just about everyone. Sadly she became ill with MS and was incapacitated for most of her later years.’

Janet Collins: ‘Elisabeth also worked as Comms Clerk in the Planning Office’