Chris and Avril Rowlands Christmas Tree

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Hi, Chris and Avril Rowlands have made the news with their enormous Christmas tree! Each year they raise money for charity through their Christmas lights.

Chris was a film editor and then Editing Organiser at Pebble Mill – and my boss for around 9 months in the late 1980s! Avril was a very well respected Production Assistant, and author on the subject.

Thanks to Ray Lee, for pointing out the story.


Ian Bellion, Merrick Simmonds, Judy Hooker

Ian Bellion, Judy Hooker, Merrick Simmonds PP

Photo by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

This photo is of film editor, Ian Bellion, Judy Hooker and Merrick Simmonds (foreground). In the background you can see film cans on the shelf, and edit trims on hooks.

It probably dates from the late 1970s.