Janice Houghton-Wallace remembering Pebble Mill’s 21st Anniversary, & Evesham the fox

Janice with her best trio of turkeys at the National Poultry Show 2013

Evesham the fox

Janice with Barnaby the Brahma
























I worked on Countryfile from 1988 until 1999 and still use my Pebble Mill 21st anniversary mug for coffee!

For the celebration weekend I organised some sheep and chickens in a special Countryfile corner by the side entrance so visitors had something to look at whilst they queued up to get in the building

My time at Pebble Mill was very special and I am grateful to everyone for being such a friendly family.

I remember driving back to Fladbury (where I stayed with Anne Stephens during the week) after working late in the editing suite. I saw a fox that had recently been run over and picked it up. Next morning, I packed it up in the post department to send to a taxidermist. Those in post had never seen the like before!!! The fox still lays under the hall table and is called Evesham.

I have been teaching vet students, writing for various magazines, written a book on turkeys Not Just For Christmas, appeared with Gordon Ramsay on the F Word, helping him with his turkeys and lots of other things since leaving Countryfile!

Janice Houghton-Wallace now living in South West Scotland.