Macbeth on the Estate

Macbeth, James Frain, Lady Macbeth, Susan Vidler

Macbeth, James Frain; Lady Macbeth, Susan Vidler

Macbeth, L. Jodow (Rosse), David Harewood (Macduff) JR

Rosse, L. Jodow; Macduff, David Harewood

Macbeth Susan Vidler (Lady Macbeth) JR

Lady Macbeth, Susan Vidler

Macbeth, Graham Bryan (Malcolm), Martin O'Brian (Seyton), Ray Winstone (Duncan) JR

Malcolm, Graham Bryan; Seyton, Martin O’Brian; Duncan, Ray Winstone



































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Thanks to costume designer, Janice Rider, for sharing these photos.

Macbeth on the Estate was a 1997 adaptation of Macbeth and set on the Ladywood Estate in Birmingham.

The director was Penny Woolcock, with Alison Gilby as the producer.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook group:

Julian Hitchcock: ‘Juliet Bravo: yes,- if I didn’t work on all productions, it was close.
The History Man: yes,- I was the floor assistant. And what a great cast, too: Anthony Sher, Michael Hordern, Geraldine James. I even appeared in it myself: as Michael’s hand swiftly shutting a blind or curtain.’