Radio Birmingham Badges

Photos from Pete Simpkin, no reproduction without permission.

These promotional badges for Radio Birmingham date from the early 1970s. They’ve suffered a bit over the years, but show the range of programmes on the station.

Pete Simpkin adds the following information, ‘they were given out at the hundreds of OBs we used to do in those days, also sometimes sent out with prizes for on-air competitions. The multi station one was a particular issue for the addition of Medium wave broadcasting , they were localised to each station involved as part of the national publicity drive for Medium Wave.’

The Green Machine – Pete Simpkin

The creators of 'The Green Machine'

‘The Green Machine’ was another innovative show from the community, a sort of ‘with it’ religious education experiment from the Birmingham Council of Churches which had a great response. Shown here are the creators of the programme the Revs David Tennant and Laurie Green with presenter John Cornbill.

Pete Simpkin