Studio C North Riser, Kathryn Shuttleworth

I seem to remember that these photos were taken with a panoramic camera that was being featured on the show that day. The photos were left in the North Riser so I took them home for safe keeping.

Left to right: Alex Christison, Michael Harrison, Guy Worth, Paul Scurrell, Kathryn Shuttleworth

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Peter Poole:  ‘Many happy days in the North Riser trying to make the VHF Micron radio mics work!’

Laura McNeill: ‘Think I spent half my life there, yes Peter happy days.’

Audio Trainees at Wood Norton – Kathryn Shuttleworth

Group Photo at Wood Norton.

This photo is of the audio trainees who joined Pebble Mill in June 1995. I am the last one standing in Birmingham now but who knows how much longer I will be here!

Back row (left to right): Angela Rowson, John Goda, Ian Mitchell, Nick Ford, Celia Hutchison

Front row (left to right): Guy Worth, Kathryn Shuttleworth, Mark Ward, Lizzie Gilchrist, Lynn Monroe

Kathryn Shuttleworth