Good Morning with Anne and Nick Hotliners

Photo from Steve Johnson, no reproduction without permission













The photo shows the hotline team from the 1990’s daytime magazine programme, Good Morning with Anne and Nick. The CSV volunteers who manned the phone lines were an integral part of the programme, and regularly appeared on screen, as well as putting through the calls from viewers. The photo was taken at the end of the last show in 1996. Working on the hotline was the start of quite a number of successful careers in the BBC.

Thanks to Steve Johnson for sharing the photo.

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The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Grant Robinson: ‘I’ll identify myself. Back row furthest right! I was a lowly runner – occasionally herding the talent (Robson & Jerome!) and filtering out the inappropriate mail before it reached A&N! I remember the wrap party when the show finished. Anne made a very barbed speech and Ainsley Harriott dropped his trousers!’



Good Morning – Hotline area

good Morning hotline








Photo by Karen Bond, no reproduction without permission.

This is the ‘Hotline’ area for Good Morning with Anne and Nick, the mid morning studio magazine show, which went out on BBC 1 between 1993-6.

Each day there was a phone-in on the subject of the day. Calls would come in to the ‘Hotline’, and then the contributors chosen would be called back to speak on the programme. The cameras would come into the ‘Hotline’ area to get a summary of the types of calls coming in. The ‘Hotline’ area was near Studio C, where the show went out, just across the corridor, near the Radio Studios.