Sophia and Constance, photo by Neil Wigley

Photo by Neil Wigley, no reproduction without permission

Photo by Neil Wigley, no reproduction without permission













Sophia and Constance was a six part BBC drama series hosted at Pebble Mill. It was transmitted in 1988.

Here is the BFI Database summary of episode one:

‘The first of a 6 episode serial based on Arnold Bennett’s novel “The Old Wives’ Tale’. Set in 1864 in the potteries town of Bursley. Constance, the older and quieter of two sisters, is content with life in the family shop. Younger sister Sophia outrages the family by deciding to become a schoolteacher.’

The series featured, Catherine Cusack, Melissa Greenwood, Patricia Routledge, Alfred Burke, Nigel Bradshaw, Freda Dowie, and John Scott Martin.

The directors were Romey Allison and Hugh David, with John Harris the producer, and John Harris the Exec. John Harvey adapted the novel, with Simon Passmore the script editor.

Thanks to the BBC Drama Village for sharing the photo.