Juliet Bravo

Juliet Bravo series 1 1980 JR

Juliet Bravo 1989 JR













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‘Juliet Bravo’ was a hosted London drama, which was recorded at Pebble Mill, by Pebble Mill crews. It was a police series, where a female inspector – Jean Darblay (played by Stephanie Turner from 1980-82) , takes charge of an all male police station. The first photo dates from the first series in 1980, whilst the second photo is from a later series. The series was created by Ian Kennedy Martin, and ran from 1980-85. ┬áThe title ‘Juliet Bravo’ was not the name of a character, but of the police call sign.

The locations were filmed in various Lancashire towns (Colne, Accrington, Bacup, Burnley), as well as Todmorden in West Yorshire and in the Black Country.

Thanks to Janice Rider, the costume designer, on this production for making the photos available.