Under the Skin polaroids

Under the Skin, Dresser 1982 JR Under the Skin JR Under the Skin, Deb JR Under the Skin, model JR













































Photos by Janice Rider, no reproduction without permission.

These polaroids are from the 1982, Pebble Mill, Play for Today: Under the Skin, written by Janey Preger. They were taken by costume designer, Janice Rider, for continuity reasons. The director was Tony Smith, and the producer was Peter Ansorge.

Included in the photos are: Jacqueline Tong, who played ‘Deb’; and Bill Nighy, who played the photographer, ‘Dave’.

Under the Skin

Under the Skin 1 JR











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This photo is from the 1982 Pebble Mill Play for Today, Under the Skin. Peter Ansorge was the producer and Tony Smith the director. Janey Preger wrote the script, with lighting by  Alec Robson and Sally Engelbach as production designer.

The play was about three women involved in different ways in the women’s movement.

The drama starred: Frances Tomelty, Barbara Rosenblatt, Imogen Bickford-Smith, Jacqueline Tong, Bill Nighy, Michael. J. Jackson, George Costigan, and Michele Winstanley.

Janice Rider was the costume designer.

Thanks to Janice Rider for sharing the photograph.

The following information was added on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page:

Peter Ansorge: Janey Preger wrote three wonderful TV dramas for us at Pebble Mill. The other two were Fattening Frogs For Snakes and the glorious Bobby Wants To Meet Me. The latter about a journo meeting his god – Bob Dylan – at Earls Court, also directed by Tony Smith.

The Heart of the Country 1987

Photos by




















Willoughby Gullachsen and others, no reproduction without permission.

The ‘Heart of the Country’ was a four part series by Fay Weldon set in Somerset which was broadcast in spring 1987.  It was produced at Pebble Mill by Roger Gregory and directed by Brian Farnham and starred Jacqueline Tong as Sonia, a mother struggling on her own with two young children.  The cast also included Christian Bale.  The climax of the series comes at the Glastonbury Carnival (shown in the last photo), with a fire and the death of one of the characters. Bob Jacobs was 1st A.D., Dave Doogood was the DOP, with Dave Evans assisting (shown in the photo with the paddling pool) and Chris Reynolds did special effects.Save

Heart of the Country – Bob Jacobs

In this video 1st A.D. Bob Jacobs talks about working on the 1987 four part drama – ‘Heart of the Country’, produced at Pebble Mill.  Written by Fay Weldon and directed by Brian Farnham, the series follows the social decline of a single mother and her children.   The climax of the action takes place in Glastonbury, during the carnival.  The series was produced by Roger Gregory and starred Jacqueline Tong as Sonia, as well as Christian Bale, Rosalind Bennett and Susan Penhaligon.

Filming at the Glastonbury Carnival