Vote for Them – Army photos

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Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

These publicity photographs were almost certainly taken by Willoughby Gullachsen, who was employed on many Pebble Mill dramas to take stills used for press and publicity.

The photographs show the army top brass in the three part 1989 drama, Vote for Them, written by David Edgar and Neil Grant.

Thanks to costume designer Janice Rider for sharing the photos.

The following comment was left on the Facebook page:

Neil Grant: ‘The officers in the foreground are Colonel Raymond Pugh, left, played by John Rowe, and the Brigadier, played by the late James Grout.’

Rachel and The Roarettes

Copyright resides with the original holder, probably Willoughby Gullachsen.

‘Rachel and The Roarettes’ was a ‘Summer Season’ drama, produced at Pebble Mill and transmitted in 1985.  It was written by Jude Alderson

Also starred Gary Oldman (his 1st TV and his part was entirely cut), and Josie Lawrence (her 1st TV). It was directed by Rob Walker, and produced by Roger Gregory.  Carol Parks was the Production Associate and David Attwood the Production Manager.  Phil Wilson was the camera supervisor, Roger Sutton the vision mixer, Jane Barton and Bobbie Chapman were the production assistants.  Vivien Oldham was the make-up designer, Sally Engelbach the production designer and Kathryn Ayerst the costume designer and Tony Fisher the graphic designer.

The drama was recorded in Studio A at Pebble Mill.

Photo includes,L to R: James Grout, Deborah Poplett, Linda Rolan

‘Rachel and the Roarettes’ was a rock musical….lesbian bikers in the present, highway women in the 17th century, like you did in 1984!

Thanks to John Greening for much of the information and for making the photo available.