Jason Donovan on Pebble Mill

Jason Donovan PM@1 RB












Photo of Jason Donovan at Pebble Mill, taken by Ruth Barretto, no reproduction without permission.

Ruth Barretto: ‘I loved Jason Donovan and so did my little girl Elena . She got to meet him and got to have her pic taken with him.’

Rosie Critchlow: ‘The day that Jason Donovan was due to appear on Pebble Mill, I begged my Dad, Stephen Critchlow, to get me his autograph, but he said no, he couldn’t – it just wouldn’t be the done thing, far too unprofessional. I was a very disappointed 10(ish) year old. When I went to bed that night though, the autograph was waiting for me on my pillow I believe he’d convinced a female colleague to get it for me!’