The Afternoon Play – Coming Up For Air

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This screen grab is from The Afternoon Play, Coming Up For Air, it was transmitted on 28th Jan 2003.

Here is the entry from the Radio Times for the drama, courtesy of the BBC Genome project:

A strange occurrence befalls grieving husband Tom Rourke in Spain.
Written by Matthew Parkhill ; Producer Carson Black ; Director Dominic Keavey
Written By: Matthew Parkhill
Producer: Carson Black
Director: Dominic Keavey
Tom Rourke: Jeremy Sheffield
Iris Rourke: June Whitfield
Sarah: Mandana Jones
Maisey Rourke: Isabella Melling
Jack Rourke: Bruno Melling
Kay Caroline: Lee Johnson

The play was edited by Neil Roberts.

Thanks to VT editor Ian Collins for making the still available.