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Press cutting from May 23, 1979, about Joan Collins storming out of a Radio Birmingham interview. The copy is rather hard to read, so here is a transcript:

Sexy, film star Joan Collins burst into tears and stormed out of a radio station in Birmingham today after a record by her ex-husband was played.

The 42-year-old star of films including The Stud was talking on BBC Radio Birmingham’s Alastair Yates show when she objected to the strong line of questioning from presenter Yates.

Producer George Mitchell said: “Alastair suggested to her that her book, Past Imperfect was a jumping into-bed book, just a catalogue of sexual encounters.

She accused him of not having even read the book, which was just not true. Alastair has read the book from cover to cover and so have I.

Then we played the record What Kind Of Fool Am I by her ex-husband, Anthony Newley, and she burst into tears and left.

I set the questions for Alastair to ask and I don’t regret any of them.

She asked to come on the show and I don’t see why any author should simply by able to sit there and plug a book.

We are not afraid of asking searching questions. The book is one long sexual romp so we asked about that. She seems very bitter about the men in her life so we asked about that too.

But she was on the air for only about 10 minutes before she started crying and refused to go on.”

(Thanks to Alastair Yates for sharing this cutting).