VT boys and VPR20 Video Recorder – photos by Ian Collins

Photos by Ian Collins, no reproduction without permission.

Here are the boys from VT proudly showing off their Ampex VPR20 Video Recorder!

The photos shows left to right: Ian Collins, Steve Neilsen, Brian Watkiss, Ivor Williams, Mike Bloore, John Burkhill, John Doidge, Steve May.

Boys from VT

Southampton Boat Show – Photo from John Burkill

Southampton Boat Show

Photo from John Burkill, no reproduction without permission.

This photo probably dates from 1976, and shows an outside broadcast from the Southampton Boat Show, produced at BBC Pebble Mill.  You can see the outside broadcast camera on a wheeled dolly, and a viewing monitor.

The Southampton Boat Show has been running annually since 1968 in Mayflower Park on the city’s waterfront.

Please add a comment if you can add more information about the programme, or identify people in the photo.