John Last on Juliet Bravo


John Last on Juliet Bravo

John Last on Juliet Bravo












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The photo shows actor, John Last getting ready for a recording of Juliet Bravo at Pebble Mill, Studio A.

Juliet Bravo was a police series, which went out on BBC1 from 1980-85; it was a London production, hosted at Pebble Mill. Here is an entry on the BBC Genome project, which gives Radio Times listings for an episode:

“My connection with Pebble Mill is rather a humble one, i.e. as a jobbing Equity member (actor) I seemed to end up at the studios on all manner of productions as an equally humble ‘walk-on’.  It’s a rather tedious story, but the long and short of it is basically an association with a pretty long period of production therein.  This is a ‘selfie’ (before the term was even thought of) taken in the downstairs dressing room for an episode of Juliet Bravo.  A rather good series I feel.   Strange to think just how long ago it all was?”

John Last

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Susan Astle: ‘I was make up designer on this for a while, Lesley Weaver (Perry)was my assistant. Sue Peck, Nicky Deely and Joy were in wardrobe. Good times at The Sparrow Hawk!’

Stuart Gandy: ‘I remember it well, being in TV ops in the early 80s. Another of the many prime time shows made at the mill Good memories.’