Arthur Haywood

Party photo PP









Photo by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

This photo is from a rock and roll party, held at Juliet Deane’s, (from Film Unit) house. It is of film sparks, Arthur Haywood.

Thanks to Peter Poole for sharing the photo, and to Bill Bohanna, Maggie Humphries and Jane Mclean for identifying Arthur!


Juliet Deane Recording Session – Peter Poole

Recording copyright resides with Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

This recording session was in Studio 3 probably in the late 1970s. This was a drama studio but it was often empty in the evenings. And back then the BBC made it available free of charge for this private recording. At that time I was working for Film Unit as an assistant film recordist. So Roger Seward from Audio Unit booked the studio and supervised the session. Roger is a bit of a legend in the Audio Unit and and great character! He was great teacher and gave me a quick “driving lesson” of the studio. He then left the recording and mixing to me.

Juliet worked in the film unit office and welcomed the chance to record a few songs. We soon got a few other members of Film Unit to back her. They were Eurwyn Jones, piano, Andrew Godsall, drums and Steve Saunderson, guitar. The folk songs were recorded with Steve playing guitar with Juliet’s live vocal. Eurwyn and Andrew recorded the backing tracks for the other songs. On another session Juliet added her vocal to produce the final mix.

This was my first experience of music recording in a professional studio. We all had a very enjoyable time and I learnt a lot about music recording.

Peter Poole