Vote for Them – cast and crew

Vote for Them 2











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This photo shows some of the cast and crew of the 1989, three part drama: Vote for Them, written by David Edgar and Neil Grant.  The drama was shot on location in the UK and Egypt. Carol Parks was the producer and James Ormerod, the director.

Please add a comment if you can identify anyone in the photograph, or can add more information. I think it is Alastair (Duncan?) central in the white hat.

Thanks to costume designer, Janice Rider, for making the photo available.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page:

Terry Powell: ‘Yes that’s me with hair and very bright shorts I loved the show so much with my dear friend Janice rider I have lots of pics and will look them out.’

Janice Rider: ‘Yes it is in Egypt and is Alastair in the foreground. Paul Higton profile in white shirt & long trousers. Me in headscarf and black & white long skirt, Karen Thomas in White vest & shorts on the extreme right. Back left in white hat James Ormerod the director and yes, dear Terry always stylish in the desert!’

Neil Grant: ‘Could be Billy Hartman, fourth from the right, in the foreground?’