Editing ‘King and Company’ – photos from Jim Gregory

Photos from Jim Gregory, no reproduction without permission.

The photos are of Ian Collins and Jim Gregory editing the 1988 wildlife series ‘King and Company’.  The series was presented by wildlife cameraman Simon King.  In each episode a different celebrity, or member of the pulbic teamed up with Simon, on a filming assignment about a different British creature. The idea was to show how wild animals were filmed. The celebrities included Wendy Richards, Liza Goddard, Mark McManus, David Essex, Keith Barron, and Toyah Willcox.  The animals featured included deer, dormice, salmon, frogs, and golden eagles.

The executive producer on the series was John King, Simon’s father, with Tony Rayner the director.

On Her Majesty’s Service – Pilot

Copyright remains with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.  Photos from Gail Herbert.  Gail was the PA on ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.

‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ was a drama pilot made by John King’s department in 1988, which never went out.  It depicted life in a British army camp during the era of National Service.

Tim Manning, who worked on the pilot added this information: “This was a comedy drama pilot about National Service, which starred Keith Barron. It was lovingly made, involving nearly everyone in John King’s LE team (script by members of it, too), but though a full pilot was commissioned, the series wasn’t. I can’t remember whether it coincided with a change of BBC1 Controller; and you have to bear in mind too that there was fierce competition from London departments for slots for this kind of thing.”


Some of the filming took place on the Severn Valley Railway, as shown in the photos.