‘Laughter of God’ – TX card from Maggie Humphries

‘Laughter of God’ was a Screen 2 drama produced at Pebble Mill, and transmitted in 1991.

The drama starred Peter Firth, Amanda Donohoe and Sylvia Syms.  It was produced by Bill Shapter, with exec producers Michael Wearing and Barry Hanson.  Tony Bicat wrote and directed the play.  John Kenway was the cameraman, Beverley Mills the editor and Michael Edwards the production designer.

The BFI database describes the drama:

‘The Clemants family seem idyllic on the surface – Steve, an architect, his wife Jane and their two daughters, Gilly and Sophie, live a comfortable life in a converted farmhouse in the countryside. However, disturbing emotions lie behind them, with Jane fantasising about murdering her husband whilst carrying on a love affair with her art dealer, and Steve dreaming of his wife’s funeral and finding pleasure with Rose, a young actress in local Rep. What was once fantasy begins to stray into reality, as dark forces begin to work after the foundations for Steve’s current building project fall into an ancient burial chamber.’

Thanks to Maggie Humphries from Film Unit for making the TX card available.