Prometheus: The Life of Balzac

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Prometheus: The Life of Balzac, by Andre Maurois, was transmitted in autumn 1975 on BBC2. The interiors would have been recorded in Studio A.

Below is the entry from the Radio Times, from the BBC Genome project:

‘The BBC2 serial: written for television in six parts by DAVID turner starring Nicky Henson as Balzac 1: Apprenticeship of a Genius Honore Balzac , ablaze with vitality, determined to embrace greatness as a writer, embraces instead the first great love of his life.

Costume designer, Joyce HAWKINS; Script editor Lennox PHILLIPS; Designer, Margaret PEACOCK; Producer Richard Hevnon; Director Joan CRAFT


Mme Balzac: Helen Ryan
M Balzac: William Squire
Laure Balzac: Rosemary McHale
Laurence Balzac: Elizabeth Romilly
Père Dablin: Leslie French
Eugene Surville: Tim Woodward
Comtesse de Berny: Elizabeth Spriggs
Comte de Berny: Barry Sinclair
Emilie de Berny: Rosie Kerslake
Augustine de Berny: Phoebe Nicholis
Jeanne de Berny: Kate Lock
Victorine de Berny: Tracey Childs
Raisson: Jeremy Clyde
Peasant girl: Vanessa Millard
Buisson: Paul Imbusch’

The photos were originally posted on the Pebble Mill Engineers Facebook group, and I suspect they are probably from costume designer, Joyce Hawkins.