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These photos date from the 1981 series of Love Story – A Chance to Sit Down. This was a two partner, made at Pebble Mill (although I suspect it was a hosted London production). Paul Ciappessoni was the director, Colin Shindler the producer, Sally Head the script editor, with the adaptation by Meredith Daneman.

Jan Francis played the part of Barbara, a ballerina destined for stardom, who appears in the first three photos. Del Henney, who played George, is also featured. The last photo is of Jean Anderson, who also featured in another hosted series The Brothers.

Thanks to costume designer, Janice Rider, for sharing the photos.

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Love Story – photos by Janice Rider

Photos by Janice Rider, no reproduction without permission.

Costume designer, Janice Rider, took these polaroid photos for continuity purposes during the recording of the drama serial, Love Story. The drama was produced and transmitted at irregular intervals between 1979-83. In all there were eleven serials, usually of four parts. These polaroids are from the Love Story serial – A Chance to Sit Down parts 1 & 2. They were transmitted on 10th July 1981, and 17th July 1981.

The director was Paul Ciappessoni; the producer, Colin Shindler; script editor, Sally Head; the original writer and adaptor was Meredith Daneman; and the designer was Stanley Morris. The Northern Ballet Company worked on the choreography.

The cast included: Jan Francis as Barbara, Del Henney as George, Alpo Pakarinen as Jack, Cherry Gillespie as Melissa, and Melanie Parr as Jocelyn.

The story centres on Barbara Livesey, who is attempting to succeed as a leading ballet dancer, until she meets the company’s male lead – Jack. In the second episode, she seems to be losing the battle for Jack’s attention, with fellow dancer, Melissa.