The Fall Out Guy – TX Card by Dave Bushell

TX Card from lighting director Dave Bushell.

“The Fall Out Guy’ was a spy thriller, produced at Pebble Mill by Caroline Oulton and transmitted in 1991.  It was a studio drama recorded in Studio A.

The script was written by John Random, with Tony Dennis as script editor.  It was directed by Phil Tickell, with Josephine Ward as production associate and Rob Hinds the designer.

The play featured Lou Hirsch, Amanda Boxer, Eugene Lipinski, Maria Charles, Joe Melia, Lex Van Delden, Nicolas Colicos, Mitch Webb, and James Tillitt.

The BFI database summarise the storyline thus:

“Raymond is an overweight, immature chemical engineer, aged 39 and still living with his parents. He is also a spy, and when the FBI begins to close in, he makes a run for it with Danica, a dental receptionist.”