Future of BBC Birmingham























Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC announced today that factual network television production at BBC Birmingham is going to cease, with programming being moved to BBC Bristol, beginning in summer 2012.  Factual network radio production will also move, and there will be cuts in local radio.

I have copied here some of the Twitter comments made by people today:

‘The systematic dismantling of BBC Birmingham is a disgrace. it’s what happens when a city has no leadership.’

‘Saddened to hear the news about #bbcbirmingham, but on the other hand, I am pleased to hear #bbcdoctors is staying’

‘All BBC Birmingham heritage of last 50yrs counts for nothing in #dqf world, all about geography and economics’

‘Thoughts going out to colleagues at #BBCBirmingham-hoping that the news of complete closure is not true :(‘

‘Sorry but the BBC are an absolute joke when it comes to Birmingham & The Midlands’

‘Seems Archers will stay in Brum but all factual and radio to move-what will that leave besides Midlands Today?’

‘BBC network production in Birmingham axed in one sentence by the DG.’

‘So BBC factual production stopping in Birmingham. Sad times for the region. Hopefully Drama won’t be affected.’

‘Gutted for all my friends in BBC Birmingham today – I’m in France but back to share in the misery soon. Awful.’