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Going for a Song was a long running popular quiz show about antiques. The original series went out between 1965-77, and was made in Bristol. John King directed on the original series, and it was him who was responsible for reinventing the show and bringing it to Pebble Mill, when he was executive producer of the Entertainment Department. The relaunch was between 1995-2001 for BBC1 Daytime, with presenters Michael Parkinson (1995-9), Anne Robinson (2000), and Michael Aspel (2001). Eric Knowles was the antiques expert.

The show was recorded in Studio A.

Sue Robinson directed many of the shows, with Helena Taylor being one of the series producers, as well as Claire Hobbs. Vicky Jepson and Kate Southcott (now Hillman) worked on the series, as did gallery PA, Jane Mclean.

Thanks to Ian Collins for making this titles grab available.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Dave Bushell: ‘I had the pleasure of not only working on the Pebble Mill series but also the original when it was produced in Bristol Studio A in the late 60s/early 70s.’

Mike Hayes: ‘There was an incident with a hand wound electrical generator that some guest put his finger in, his partner then just wound it up giving a shock and a good laugh for everyone else.’

Sue Johnson: ‘I did the autocue for this and remember Dave brazier telling us how happy Michael P was with the production team – very fond memories.’

Helena Taylor: ‘I was the Series Producer and great fun it was too and a great team both in front and behind the camera.’

Michael Wood: ‘First TV show I ever saw get recorded – Anne Robinson was presenting. Made me realise I really wanted to work in telly!’





Christmas down the BBC Club

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Maggie from CSV

Maggie Smith from CSV

Presenter Mo Dutta dancing with producer Celia Marks

Presenter Mo Dutta dancing with producer Celia Marks
































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Christmas cheer down at the Pebble Mill Club.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Carole Lowe: ‘I think I was there as well as I was Maggie’s assistant good to remember the good old day on Anne and Nick.’

Michael Wood: ‘I think the ‘Maggie’ you’re referring to is Maggie Smith. Lovely lady who got me my first job at the BBC.’

Robert McGowan: ‘Is that John McEvoy in the fourth pic with hair?’

Mark Hellings: ‘I was probably at this party, but thanks to the rum punch have absolutely no recollection of it.’

Sarah Dunning: ‘Yes definitely John McEvoy with hair and a tie!!’