Studio C North Riser, Kathryn Shuttleworth

I seem to remember that these photos were taken with a panoramic camera that was being featured on the show that day. The photos were left in the North Riser so I took them home for safe keeping.

Left to right: Alex Christison, Michael Harrison, Guy Worth, Paul Scurrell, Kathryn Shuttleworth

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Peter Poole:  ‘Many happy days in the North Riser trying to make the VHF Micron radio mics work!’

Laura McNeill: ‘Think I spent half my life there, yes Peter happy days.’

‘Nobby Berghaus’s’ leaving do – photo by Laura McNeill

Photo by Laura McNeill, no reproduction without permission.

This photo was taken on the occasion of ‘Nobby Berghaus’s’ leaving the BBC.

He’s being seen off the premises by Sound friends Andy Morton, Paul Scurrell, Paul Clarke and John Cole, in the BBC Pebble Mill bar!