The Clothes Show titles grab













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This titles grab is from The Clothes Show, the BBC1 fashion magazine show, transmitted between 1986-2000. Roger Casstles was the executive producer, and the show was his idea. The series grew from fashion items on Pebble Mill at One, and a regional fashion show called College Rags.

Thanks to Ian Collins for making the still available.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Becky Land: ‘I loved to see the grabs and stills from the show that adorned the ‘bottom corridor’ grace the scenes from the early days of Doctors. They would be walking through a hospital corridor discussing serious cases and Jeff and Caryn grinning back!!! And we all came a cropper when we nipped out for a quick cuppa only to be banned from going back into our newsroom/office due to filming… oops!’

Andy Walters: ‘I know the theme tune was an edit of In The Night by the Pet Shop Boys. I also got told off for walking into shot on Doctors.’