The Good Food Show













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The Good Food Show went out on BBC 1 at 7pm in spring and summer 1995/6. There were 15 episodes in all. The food magazine show was presented by Juliet Morris and Will Hanrahan, with journalist, Pete McCarthy adding witty insights. The show included simple recipes, as well as consumer investigations.

Here is the link to the Radio Times entry for the first ‘appetiser’ episode of the series, from the BBC Genome project:

Ben Warwick was the series director, and Mary Clyne the series producer. Jane Lomas was a producer on the show.

Thanks to VT editor, Ian Collins for sharing this titles grab.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Pete Simpkin: ‘I remember a young female continuity announcer with a ‘terribly affected ‘ voice linking to a TX of this as ‘The gid fid shay’…..ouch!!!!!!!’

Country Tracks













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Country Tracks was described as an offbeat countryside guide. There were several series of the show in the 1990s, with different presenters. These included Ray Mears and Pete McCarthy. The show had very high production values, and came out of John King’s department. Many of the team who worked on the series had come from The Clothes Show, like Kath Moore and Colette Foster.

I’m not sure which series of the show this titles grab is from.

Thanks to Ian Collins for sharing the grab.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Adam Trotman: ‘This was my first full on VT assistant job…. moving up the ranks to actually editing the later series…. was first called Tracks….. not sure why they added Country.’

Nicola Silk: ‘I directed on Country Tracks with Pete Mccarthy. title grab could be from 1998 or 1999 which was the last series. great programme to work on. It was under John King then later Andrew Thorman. The days when you never really saw the execs. no idea why they added the word Country either?’

Russell Parker: ‘I loved Pete McCarthy, was overjoyed to get to speak with him once, and cried like a girl when I heard he’d died.’

Robin Sunderland: ‘Always enjoyed shooting for tracks. Remember filming an owl once, on a very blustery day. Owner was reluctant to let it fly, but the director persuaded him. He let it go and the wind just carried it away ….we never saw it again! Oops!’