More Film Unit photos

photo by Steve May

photo by Steve May

photo by Jim Gregory

Photos by Steve May and Jim Gregory, no reproduction without permission.

The first photo features Pip Cooper; editor, Nigel Evans; and Shirley O’Mara.

The second photo features Imelda Stevens and Shirley O’Mara.

The third photo taken in Pebble Mill’s Telecine, show Nigel Evans (background), with Shirley O’Mara and Pip Cooper, ready in their fancy dress for ‘Children in Need’.

Film Unit Office

Photos by editor, Steve May, no reproduction without permission.

The photos are of the Film Unit office. Film Unit was responsible for booking PSC (portable single camera) crews for programmes, and also for booking editors.  All the bookings were put up on huge notice boards, so that it was easy to see who was booked to which programme.  These photos are probably from the early 1990s.

The first photo is of Shirley O’Mara, and Pip Cooper (?).

The second photo shows Pip updating the Editing noticeboard.

The third photo shows Imelda Stevens, and colleague.  Mel used to book the camera crews.

The office was on the first floor at the back of the building, just by the edit suites, and handy for the crews loading up their kit.