Sound Effects Disc – ‘In A Provincial Town’

In a provincial town PP












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This BBC Sound Effects Disc was given to Peter Poole when he left Pebble Mill and moved to the O.U.P.C., Milton Keynes.

Sound effects tracks, like the ones on this record were used as background atmosphere on many location based television shows, they were added on in the dub, and helped smooth out differences in background audio.

The following comments were added on the Pebble Mill Facebook group:

Pete Simpkin: ‘The cue-ing up was interesting, there was a blip of tone just before the start of an effect and you stopped the disc on prefade as soon as you had heard this. Was fascinating to hear on live news programmes the occasional ‘beep’ in the background from one of the grams which had slipped or been miscued in the rush to do live on air effects!’

Peter Greenhalgh: ‘Ahh, Prov Town. I used to use that a lot when editing mute news rushes. In fact I think its still used today and exists on our Quantel server. City Skyline was another useful one, although you have to avoid overusing the bus that went past at one point as people started recognising it….’