Tim Manning – 206 Five Star Listening

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This photo flyer of Tim Manning dates from 1981, and the relaunch of Radio WM, as ‘206 – Five Star Listening’. ┬áTim was the head of the 206 Information Team, as well as presenting ‘Great! It’s Saturday’, on Saturday mornings.

The photo was taken by Stuart Roper, at the side of Pebble Mill, by the brook.

Tim moved from radio and went on to work with executive producer John King on many television entertainment shows.

Producer/presenter Pete Simpkin remembers the era well:

‘It certainly was a time of great change and for some of us took some time to adapt, but it turned out to be fun, and there is no doubt that although some of the ideas were challenging, the changes laid the foundations for the present success at WM. Among other things I got involved with was a trip to Dallas Texas and another time found myself doing a ‘Radio 3′ style announcing job at the old Town Hall with the CBSO when we went stereo.’