House Services Engineers circa 1983

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Thanks to Richard Smith for sharing this photo of the House Service Engineers, who had just set up the marquee for Regional Clubs Day. It’s circa 1983.

From L to R: Dave Tansey, Mick Taylor, Dick Smith and Mick Archbold.

Pop at the Mill – photos from Richard Smith

Photos by Richard Smith, no reproduction without permission.

‘Pop at the Mill’ was an open air pop festival which went out live on Saturday nights during the summer of 1977.

The set was built on the back lawn, behind the main Pebble Mill office block.

P.A. Gail Herbert remembers working on ‘Pop At The Mill’, ‘these were great fun. Carol Morgan, Sam Watkins & I used to work as camera bashers and one day one of those large cameras (I think it was Phil Wilson operating) ran straight over my toe – blimey it was sore!’

Pebble Mill Cleaners -photo from Stephen Davies

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The photo shows the part time cleaning staff at BBC Pebble Mill.  It was taken around 1990.  Most of the cleaners worked an early morning shift, cleaning the offices before everyone else came in to work.

Thanks to Stephen Davies for making the photo available.

The men in the photo are Richard Smith and Brian Cartwright. Please add a comment if you can identify who else is in the photo.