Panto-party – Peter Poole

Copyright of this recording, Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

This audio recording was made at an after show party, perhaps after a play or pantomime. Peter Poole recorded it, but cannot remember the date or occasion. If you can add any information, then please add a comment.

Peter Poole

Peter Poole













The following comments were added on the Pebble Mill Facebook group:

Keith Brook (Scouse):’This is wonderful stuff. I never knew there was a an am-dram or pantomime crowd in the entire time I was there. I only found out later and being the shy, retiring type, I wouldn’t have been any use at all. This lovely recording is about people unwinding after giving their all.’

Ann Gumbley-Williams: ‘Sounds like Robin Hood that we did with the BBC drama group. We put the panto on at Cadbury’s Theatre. I have some photos I will down load when I can. I think Keith Ackrill was in the panto, and also Jayne Savage.’

Dunsany Alfred: ‘Ivor (can’t remember his last name) was a management apprentice for BL who somehow got roped in. Graeme was also non Beeb and also played the mayor in the next year’s Pied Piper. I’ve been looking for the programme that Maisie kept but no luck so far.’