Voice of the Listener and Viewer visit 1992

BBC Pebble Mill (1992)












Photo copyright Robin Vanags, 1992. No reproduction without permission.

Here are Robin Vanags recollections of visiting Pebble Mill in 1992, around the time that the 21st anniversary of the building was being celebrated:

‘Those of us visiting BBC Pebble Mill from ‘Voice of the Listener & Viewer’ in November 1992 were guided by a gentleman who had worked for the BBC in Birmingham from before the centre was built & who recalled masses of cabling, visible in large apertures in the floors, before the studios opened in 1971.

In addition to the network & local radio facilities, we visited a very smart BBC Midlands Today set, in television studio B, and, after a live broadcast of Pebble Mill (no longer ‘at One’) from television studio A (where the new Sony cameras were in action), we toured studio A’s 3 control rooms (production, lighting & sound) which appeared to me, as sophisticated & impressive as those I’d seen at BBC Television Centre in London.  Good Morning with Anne and Nick occupied the foyer – previously home to Pebble Mill At One.’

Robin Vanags