Jason Donovan on Pebble Mill

Jason Donovan PM@1 RB












Photo of Jason Donovan at Pebble Mill, taken by Ruth Barretto, no reproduction without permission.

Ruth Barretto: ‘I loved Jason Donovan and so did my little girl Elena . She got to meet him and got to have her pic taken with him.’

Rosie Critchlow: ‘The day that Jason Donovan was due to appear on Pebble Mill, I begged my Dad, Stephen Critchlow, to get me his autograph, but he said no, he couldn’t – it just wouldn’t be the done thing, far too unprofessional. I was a very disappointed 10(ish) year old. When I went to bed that night though, the autograph was waiting for me on my pillow I believe he’d convinced a female colleague to get it for me!’

Look! Hear! Concert – School Sports

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

This audio is from a concert for the regional arts show, Look! Hearrecorded in Cannon Hill Park in Edgbaston, Birmingham. The band is called “School Sports”, who were popular on the pub rock scene at the time.

Look! Hear! was presented by Toyah Willcox, Chris Phipps and John Holmes. The producer was Roger Casstles, who went on to create The Clothes Show.

Thanks to Peter Poole for making the audio available.

Look Hear badge









The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook group:

Stuart Gandy: ‘Good memories of this programme, one of the first I ever worked on in TV ops.’

Alastair Yates: ‘I have nervous memories of being responsible for putting this opt on air from the Pres. Studio.’

Gary Jordan: ‘After doing a bit of digging the concert was known as “Lark In The Park” Produced by BRMB’s Robin Valk on 25th-29th August 1979 and featured bands like, Slender Loris, Rainmaker, Little Acre, Ruby Turner, City Boy, Fashion. The Specials and School sports who had changed their name from Hooker, who then changed it again to Mean Street Dealers.’

Steve Saunderson: ‘I was on one of the cameras ( Film ). I think I’ve still got a badge somewhere in a draw with my old ID Cards that show this cool cameraman with lots of hair and a beard. Who was that bearded man?’

Rosie Critchlow: ‘I had a Look! Hear! badge, brought home from work by my Dad.’