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Thanks to Ian Collins for making this titles grab available. This was the first of Ray Mears’ survival programmes, after he had built his reputation on the countryside magazine series, Tracks. Many of the same production team worked on this series, including series producer, Kath Moore.

Here is the link to the Radio Times entry for the first episode of this six part series from Pebble Mill, which was transmitted in spring 1997: http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/search/0/20?adv=0&q=Ray+Mears+World+of+Survival&media=all&yf=1923&yt=2009&mf=1&mt=12&tf=00%3A00&tt=00%3A00#search

Tracks presenter Ray Mears makes himself at home in six of the most inhospitable places on earth and discovers how the indigenous people have survived.

Episode 1: The Arctic. Mears takes on the Arctic, which is twice as cold as the average freezer, and learns survival techniques from the Inuit.
Producer Kathryn Moore