Days at the Beach – photos by Willoughby Gullachsen











Photos by Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproduction without permission.

‘Days at the Beach’ was a BBC 2 Playhouse drama transmitted in 1981.  It was produced by David Rose at BBC Pebble Mill, and written and directed by Malcolm Mowbray.  It was filmed on location in Wales.  Set in 1920, the story follows three soldiers: Sergeant Major Globe, Corporal Mumford and Private Tobe as they guard an unexploded mine washed up on the beach.

The film was edited by Chris Rowlands and Bob Jacobs was the location manager, and John Kenway the Director of Photography.

It starred Mark Aspinall as Private Tobe, Sam Kelly as Sergeant Major McGlobe, Stephen Wale as Corporal Mumford and Julie Walters as Mrs Morgan.



Thin Air – photos by Les Podraza

Photos by Les Podraza, no reproduction without permission.

Thin Air was a 5 part thriller which went out on BBC 1 in 1988.  The story follows a young investigative reporter, Rachel Hamilton, who works for a local radio station. Rachel stumbles into a world of new money, new drugs and new buildings down by the river as birthday celebrations at her radio station are violently disrupted.

The serial starred Linda Robson, Philip Croskin, Brian Bovell, Sam Kelly and Kevin McNally. It was written by Peter Busby ad Sarah Dunant, produced by Caroline Oulton and directed by Antonia Bird.  Andy Roberts wrote the music for the serial.

The serial was produced in London but hosted out of Pebble Mill.  Steve Saunderson was the lighting cameraman, Simon Passmore the script editor and Amanda Atkinson the designer.  Les Podraza was a member of the scene crew.

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