Run for the Lifeboat – photo from John Greening

Photo by John Greening, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is of the writer and director of ‘Run for the Lifeboat’, Douglas Livingstone.

‘Run for the Lifeboat’, was a Screen Two play, produced at Pebble Mill by Carol Parks.  It was transmitted in 1988.

The BFI database describes the storyline:

“Set in a Welsh fishing village. Maggie arrives from London with her son Terry. They meet Gareth Jones, a member of of the local life-boat crew and a friendship develops, resulting in Maggie’s marriage to Gareth.”

The play starred Stacey Tendeter, David Burke, Constance Chapman, John Pickard, and Ross Livingstone (who I think was the writer and director, Douglas Livingstone’s son).


Love Birds – photo by Willoughby Gullachsen

Photo by Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is from a Screen Two drama called ‘Love Birds’, which was transmitted in 1988.  It shows cameraman Keith Froggatt, and director Stephen Whittaker (who sadly is no longer with us).  Chris Parr was the producer, and Sharon Pemberton the editor.

The BFI Database includes the following synopsis of the drama:

‘Barbara and Naseem are in the same hospital having babies. They become friends, but the celebrations of their husbands, Kenny and Quereshi, lead to a headlong chase, with crazy mix-ups, collisions and brushes with the law.’

‘Love Birds’ starred Paul Bhattacharjee, Stephen Bent, Jane Gurnett, Linda Henry, Lisa Meredith, Van Martin, Shaheen Khan, Tracey Wilkinson, Margaret Heery, Sally Jackson, Jane Hazelgrove and Ken Hastwell.

Thanks to Sharon Pemberton for identifying the drama from the photo.