Photos by Bhasker Solanki, no reproduction without permission

These photos by cameraman Bhasker Solanki are from a Showaddywaddy performance at BBC Pebble Mill.

The camera operator in the lower photo is the late Bob Hubbard, and seated next to him is Robin Sunderland, also a camera operator, probably then an assistant.

Robin has kept the hat safe all these years, and here he is with it in 2021.

Pop at the Mill – photos from Gail Herbert

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

‘Pop at the Mill’ was an open air pop festival which went out on Saturday nights during the summer of 1977.  It was set in the courtyard of Pebble Mill, behind the foyer where ‘Pebble Mill at One’ was set.  Acts included Gary Glitter, Joe Brown and Showaddywaddy.

I’m not sure which which acts are shown in the photos.

Thanks to Gail Herbert for making the photos available.