Stan Morgan on Great Expectations

Stan Morgan book keeping all the moves

Stan Morgan

Stan and John larking around on Great Expectations































Photos by Albert Sheard, no reproduction without permission. The photos show Stan Morgan on the props team at work on Great Expectations.

Thanks to Albert Sheard for sharing the photos.

Albert has added the following information: ‘Stan’s job was to mark the floor with tape each time furniture moved for camera shots and the other chap was John Mills, sadly both guys no longer with us, seems like yesterday when I took that picture, they were good times.’

Sophia and Constance at Black Country Museum

Photos from Dawn and Kevin Hudson, no reproduction without permission


























These photos show the crew and crafts people setting up for the shooting of the 1988 six part drama series: Sophia and Constance at the Black Country Museum. The series was recorded on the outside broadcast truck CM3.

Thanks for Dawn and Kevin Hudson for sharing the photos.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Albert Sheard: ‘Second photo, left to right Stan Morgan/ Kevin Lakin /Frank Crow in the cap / Dave Bushall aka Gonzo /Kevin Hudson / and Peter Potter kneeling. All great lads, 3 of them no longer with us.’

‘All Creatures Great and Small’ – Kevin Lakin








These photos were taken while filming ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.  We were filming at a horse race stables in the Yorkshire Dales, we had a sure fire tip from the Head Lad, we all won and took the local bookmaker for £1000. Those are £50 notes by the way, there were some very sore heads in the morning. Terry Ford the guy in the dark jumper, has passed away, the other guy is Stan Morgan, ( in stripped shirt ) I think he has passed away too.

Kevin Lakin


Stan Morgan & Kevin Lakin