Juliet Bravo polaroids – Janice Rider


Photos by Janice Rider, no reproduction without permission.

Costume designer, Janice Rider, took these polaroids of characters in the police drama series Juliet Bravo for continuity reasons. The polaroids are written on to include the character name, and the episode and ‘take’ number. Juliet Bravo was a hosted drama series at Pebble Mill for a couple of years, although it was a London production. The series ran between 1980-85, with Stephanie Turner playing the lead role in the first three series

Tony Shaw has matched the continuity photos up to the relevant episodes:

Tk6 Beck Ep9 Day1 – Continuity photo taken during the filming of S01 E08 ‘Cages’ episode.

Ep9 Tk7/8/9 Day 1 – S01 E08 ‘Cages’ episode.

Ep5 Tk9 Day 4 – S01 E04 ‘Coins’ episode.

Ep14 Tk3 Day 1 ‘Janice’ – S01 E14 ‘Oscar’ episode.

Tk2 Maureen Ep1 – S01 E01 ‘Shot Gun’ episode.

Ep14 Tk2 Day 1 ‘Pengelly’ – S01 E14 ‘Oscar’ episode.

Bentley Tk7 Ep1 – S01 E01 ‘Shot Gun’ episode.

Tk3(b) Cole Day1 Ep2 – S01 E03 ‘The Draughtsman’ episode.

Ep14 Tk4a Day 1 ‘Harold Coop’ – S01 E14 ‘Oscar’ episode.

Parrish Ep2 Day 1 – S01 E03 ‘The Draughtsman’ episode.



Juliet Bravo – Janice Rider interview

Specially shot interview with Janice Rider about working on the police drama series: ‘Juliet Bravo’, starring Stephanie Turner.

There were six series in all, going out between 1980 and 1985.  I don’t know if all of them were hosted at Pebble Mill, or just a couple of series. The series was created by Ian Kennedy Martin.