Pebble Mill at One Reunion 2012

PM@1 Reunion 1 Roy Thompson

PM@1 Reunion 2 Roy Thompson

PM@1 Reunion 3 Roy Thompson

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This article by Peter Seabrook about a Pebble Mill at One presenters’ reunion, remembering 40 years since the start of series, was published in the Sun on 27th October 2012. Peter Seabrook is the Sun’s resident gardening expert.

Thanks to Roy Thompson for sharing the article.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Keith Brook (aka Scouse):

‘Seeweed, who I still call a doddery old fart every time I see him, was a wonderful, kind and professional presenter.

He knew that rehearsals were often non-existent, so he’d tip me off about what needed close-ups seconds after I arrived with the camera for his live piece’