Asian Programme Unit – photos by Peter Poole

Lisa Sommerville

Karen Hewson













Lisa Sommerville  and Karen Hewson. Photos by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

Lisa and Karen were production assistants working in The Asian Unit. This department produced TV and radio programmes for the Asian community. I remember working on the radio programme which was in Urdu. The producer and presenter was Waseem. I had to rely on hand signals for playing the discs and tapes. I then did the edit under Waseem’s guidance. I always enjoyed working with Asian Unit. They were a great team and very nice people.
Peter Poole
Here are a couple of comments from the Facebook page:
Tariq Azis: I remember Lisa and Karen well..they would tolerate me and my sister when we were loitering around the office, I was probably around 10 at the time…they’re exactly as I remember them in these photos!
Jayne Savage: Karen now runs the very successful Westbury Park Guest House in Bristol.