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This page from the 1984 Pebble Mill News, includes an article about David Waine’s press briefing about Pebble Mill’s output: 500 hours of network TV, 1,000 hours of network radio, and 160 hours of regional television. Highlights include a new Saturday night light entertainment show, new series of Top GearKick Start and Top Sailing, as well as Now Get Out of That, Gardeners’ World, Asian Magazine, and Gharbar. On the drama front there is mention of The Groundling and the Kite, Phoebe, The Amazing Miss Estelle, and Morte d’Arthur. 

Network Radio was also busy, with a new Radio 4 series of Enterprise, and Rollercoaster,  as well as hosting a Schools Radio Festival hosted by Sue Lawley, Rolf Harris and Duncan Goodhew.

In regional television there were new series of, Midlands Sound and Midlands Tonight, and a television version of Malcolm Stent’s Radio WM series, In the Barmaid’s Arms.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook group:

Peter Poole: ‘I worked on The Barmaid’s Arms in Studio A. They had a good band called The Nightriders. This was before producer choice. After that regional TV could never afford Studio A.’

Pete Simpkin: ‘As producer of the Radio version of the Barmaids it was quite pleasant to be a member of the audience with the real beer and not have to worry about anything! I do remember that someone had crafted a tiny hole in the chest of Malc’s shirt to take the cable for his personal mic.’

Lynn Cullimore: ‘Yes, Peter it was Mike Sheridan and the Nightriders…I was the PA and I loved it. Malc was wonderful to work with and i did many programmes with him. Malcolm is still going too..doing shows and things. Mary someone or other did a brilliant set for it…cannot remember her other name but she was very good.’

Peter Poole: ‘Hi Lynn, it was great when regional TV could do shows like this. Do you remember who the producer was? Malcolm often did warm up for PM at One. He always did a great job entertaining the audience.’

Lynn Cullimore: ‘The Producer was John Clarke whom I worked with for a long time. I did many Studio A programmes at one time – do you remember The Garden Game?’

Stuart Gandy: ‘I do remember The Garden Game. Wasn’t it on during the Friday night opt slot? In those days regional programmes had two opt slots per week.’

Peter Poole: ‘I remember John he was great producer and a very nice man. It’s amazing the programmes produced on such small budgets. I didn’t work on The Garden Game but do remember it. One of the many panel shows in Studio A. I always enjoyed working on regional TV programmes. The production teams were lovely people.’

General Programme Unit Success

Pebble Mill mag Page 2

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Thanks to Pete Simpkin for making this clipping from the Pebble Mill magazine available.

The article talks about the success of the General Programme Unit in terms of winning commissions from both BBC 1 and BBC 2. The commissioned shows mentioned include a late night Saturday entertainment show and the ‘Golden Oldie’ video programme – presumably what became the ‘Golden Oldie Picture Show’. A sailing magazine show had been commissioned by BBC 2 – this is what became ‘Making Waves’.  ‘Paddles Up’, a canoeing series, and ‘Now Get Out of That’, are also mentioned, as well as programmes from the NEC Motor Show, and the RAC Rally.  Recommissioned shows include ‘Gardeners’ World’, ‘Asian Magazine’, ‘Gharbar’, ‘Kick Start’, ‘Junior Kick Start’, and ‘Pot Black’.

The article dates from around 1983/4.

The following comments were added on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Jane Maclean: ‘Jane Hyde & Sue Gilbert were the PAs on Now Get Out of That. I did one series with Jane in ’82. Would think the Sat night entertainment show was Saturday Night at the Mill. Think the sailing series would be Making Waves – a magazine prog covering all aspects of boating – which I did during 83/84. Also did Pot Black + junior version, Paddles Up in Llangollen and Kick Start + junior version at Donington.’

Maggy Whitehouse: ‘I did a season on Making Waves … including the Tall Ships race which was based at Gothenburg that year. It was a wonderful job to have. Chris Wright was one of the directors and Tony  Rayner, the producer.’

Top Sailing – photos by Peter Poole

Photos by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

Peter Poole was the sound recordist on this location film shoot for the network series ‘Top Sailing’, broadcast between 1980-83, and produced at Pebble Mill.  The photos include cameraman Steve Saunderson, with the beard, with the other person probably being producer Jeremy Pallant. These photos were taken about 1983 in Lymington.  Peter developed the photos himself in the Pebble Mill processing lab.

‘Top Sailing’ was a factual series about various aspects of yachting, looking at stories like ‘The Admiral’s Cup’. Different episodes were presented by different sailing enthusiasts including: Martin Muncaster, Clive Gardener, Donny Macleod, Iain Cuthbertson, Anthony Churchill, Bob Fisher, Patrick Mower, Suzanne Danielle.