Trinity Tales

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This photograph of Alan Plater’s, Trinity Tales, (BBC2, 1975) includes, left to right: Bill Maynard, David Rose, Gaye Brown. It was taken on location at Wembley for the Rugby League Final. David, although the producer, obviously also wanted a Hitchcockian moment.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Steve Saunderson: ‘I did a couple of days as Focus Puller on this series. John Williams was the Cameraman and all I remember was that the “in vision” old mini-bus kept breaking down. I was lodging at the legendary “Mrs Meakings Theatrical Boarding House” at the time and so was Gaye Brown and one or two other cast members.’






The Rise and Fall of Regional Drama – David Rose

Prospero David Rose

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This article by David Rose, BBC Pebble Mill’s first Head of the English Regions Drama Department, was published in the BBC retiree’s magazine: Prospero, in April 2013.

Thanks to Peter Poole for finding and sharing this article.

Trinity Tales – Paul Balmer’s photos

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‘Trinity Tales’ was produced in Pebble Mill by David Rose in 1975.  The six part drama was written by Alan Plater.   It was a contemporary take on Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’. The series followed a group of rugby fans, who swap stories on their way to the Cup Final at Wembley.

Please comment if you can identify which of the ‘Trinity Tales’ these photos are from.