Women in Television Survey

Good Morning 1996





I am carrying out some research about women working in television at BBC Pebble Mill, for a forthcoming conference about ‘Women and Television’ at Warwick University to be held in May 2013. I’ve put together a short questionnaire in order to collect some data about the roles women were carrying out, the sort of programmes they were working on, and about the make up of the work-force in terms of gender. The questionnaire is designed to be filled out by both men and women, who worked in television, either in programme production teams or in craft departments. I would be very grateful if you could take the time to fill in the questionnaire, if you worked in television in whatever capacity, at BBC Pebble Mill. ┬áThe survey should take you around ten minutes to complete.

Please be assured that all data will be treated confidentially and any quotes or direct references used at the Conference will be anonymised.